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Introduction To Core HR Training Course

” The Basic Role Of HR Department In Organization “

Human Resource Wing Is The Core department that handles multiple work functions in an organization. The HR Department of any association is answerable for all exercises identified with Company Manpower like recruitment to the exit of employees, related with the Training of employee to prepare them profitable employee for organization & keeping up sound relations of the organization with employees & actualizing required government –

    rules & guideline identified with business. The HR wings work reliably behind the phase to guarantee that an organization is working productively & adequately. The HR capacity’s work & obligations will contrast inside the company.

    The HR function’s work and duties will differ within the companies & organization to organization.

    Proficiency After HR Training

    • Efficiently work in any department of the Human Resource
    • Learn the importance of Human Resource Wing in any organization
    • Be comfortable with different industries Work Culture
    • Understand the different profiles within the Human Resource
    • Plan, manage & coordinate all human resources initiatives; recruitment, compensation, benefits, PFA, Factory Act, training and employee relations of an organization.
    • Ensure Strategies, SOP & HR programs are reliably controlled & lined up with organizational final goals and are consistent with the organizations’ proficient models which assists final goal of organization.
    Core Human Resource Classes in Pune

    The HR Department Having  main functions which plays Important role Organization progress :

    Recruitment :

    In pursuing a MIDM Best HR training Courses in Pune , One of the primary HR department functions is to manage to hire & recruiting within an organization. The Human Resource department actively sources, screens, interviews & hires, rehire qualified potential candidates for all the open positions within the organization. The HR activities also oversees skills assessment & personality tests to match right person with the right job within the organization.

    Training & Development: 

    MIDM HR Certification Training Institute in Pune has the points of interest is additionally responsible for the down to earth preparing and improvement of the employees inside an organization. Mostly we distinguish the real preparing needs of the various offices or workers and then further make preparing programs as indicated by prerequisites with refreshed information moving procedure. MIDM conducts preparing programs for the new contracts and existing employees inside the organization with the principle motivation to improve the proficiency of workers and give reports on the present business models. The HR wings of HR Training course in Pune works in co-appointment with HR managers or higher management to decide the real preparing needs of employees.

    Compensation & Benefits:

     Every employees needs a good compensation and it’s the main task of the human resources professional.  It is the main task of the HR department for making employees get good compensation various levels over the organization. HR department work is taking care of the employee payroll and paid effectively on schedule. Also, ensure that the deductions are correct and there are no mistakes in this particular aspect as they are major reasons for the employees to be discouraged at work & chances of performance loss . It is the work of the HR function to manage compensation  that include pensions & other benefits that might be offered to the employees by the organization.

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    Professional Training

    Industry Specific Professional Certification Training Course

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    Experience Trainer

    40+ Years Experienced Industry Expert Trainers

    Individual Focus
    Statutory Assignment

    HR Training Course With Live Statutory Assignments

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    Online & Offline Core HR Concept Included Syllabus

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    Induction to Exit

    HR Recruitment Module From Basic Knowledge To Advanced

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    Domain Knowledge

    Core HR Domain Knowledge On Multiple Advanced Modules

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    Interview Preparation

    Resume Building, Mock Interviews & Soft-Skill Training

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    HR Data Analytics Training As Per Industry Required Guideline.

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    Internship With Guidance

    Internship In Human Resource With Live Training

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    Lifetime Support

    Lifetime Learning Support For Human Resource Current Updates

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    Learning Point Of View

    Core HR Techniqes For Job Seeker,Business Professionals & Freelancer

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    Micro Batch

    Class Fixed With Micro Batch Size of 5 Candidates.

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    Static Correspondence

    Live Analytics Account Classroom HR Training

    MIDM Cost To Company
    Cost To Company

    Cost To Company (CTC) Concepts With Live Case Studies

    Adv. Marketing Workshop Training

    Complete Basic To Advanced Recruitment Training Modules

    MIDM HR Welfare

    Employee Welfare Management System & Establishment

    Professional Training In Pune

    Different Government Act Included In Human Resource

    MIDM HR ISO 9000 Concept
    ISO 9000 Concept

    Advanced ISO Certification Updates As Per Required In HR Wing

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    System Oriented Requirements

    Human Resource Training On Current System Requirements

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    IT Manufacturing

    Core HR Training On Both IT & Manufacturing Stream

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    Pre-Joining & Post Joining Human Resource Industrial Practices

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    CTC : TDS : HRA

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    Online Courses

    Online Courses For Housewife,Working Professionals & Higher Authority

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    HR Brand Developer

    HR Training Purpose Is To Create Every Student As A Brand For Company

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    Master In Digital Marketing
    I want to thank all the tutors for their cooperation during the course. I have learn a lot of new concepts that will help me with 38 modules. The tutors and staff of MIDM are helpful and supportive all the time.

    Abhijeet Turki

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    Master In Digital Marketing
    It was nice experience to getting knowledge of Digital Marketing from MIDM, Dedicated & Practical Approach

    Amol Kawar

    Master In Digital Marketing
    it is one of the best digital marketing institute in pune total focus on practical and live projects.

    Harshal Mane

    Master In Digital Marketing
    "MIDM - Digital Marketing course didn't disappoint!" I enrolled for the 8-week intensive Digital Marketing course - after by attending some of their free seminars (which were also awesome by the way). I was blown away by the amount of content covered but also the way it was presented.

    Aparna Mandale

    Master In Digital Marketing
    MIDM is the best institute for digital marketing.Specially thanks to Harshad Sir.Such a extraordinary mentor for coaching Digital marketing in such a simple way to people like me.Even we don't have basic knowledge,still fulfilled all knowledgeable aspect related to this advanced technology by MIDM

    Kshitija Kadam

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    Human Resource Training Course Overview
    Human Resources Training deals with key areas of organization HR Department such as Compensasion, Hiring, Performance Management & Training of peoples
    Best Affiliate Marketing Company in Pune
    Works under employees PF & Misc. 1952.The main aim is providing monetary benefits To employees
    Scanning Network
    ESI act was introduce to give medical & other benefits to people having Low Income.Current ceiling for ESI eligibility is Gross Rs. 21,000
    MIDM Profession Tax
    HR Courses covers Profession Tax Act 1975 which belongs to State Goverment Revenue & criteria behind approval with PT calculation model
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    HR training on The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund Act 1953 for the constitution of a Fund for the financing of activities to promote welfare of Labour in Maharashtra.
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    HR classroom training includes calculation & criteria of Employee Bonus on the basis of Minimum wages & Eligibility of working days
    MIDM House Rent Allowance
    HRA is one of the salary components such amounts given to employee in the CTC breakup.HRA calculations & criteria covered under HR training.
    MIDM Cost To Company
    CTC is Cost To Company which mention on Yearly basis .CTC includes earning componets only & not employee related expenses.
    MIDM Profession Tax
    Human Resources Management Training for Tax Deduction at source. Tax is deducted in financial year & excess tax is refundable in assesment year
    Social Media Courses in Pune
    HR Training includes Factory Act applicable criteria & important points it should be remember in organization.
    HTML CSS Designing Classes in Pune
    Gratuity training under guidline of Payment of Gratuity Act 1972.Course included applicable criteria with formula calculations with provision.
    MIDM HR Leave Management
    Working Professionls course includes Leave Management Training which depends on emlpoyee physical working days in organization.
    MIDM Shop Act
    Shop Act applicable criteria, renew system, licencing authority & associated people to maintain Shop Act.
    MIDM Minimum Wages Act
    Minimum Wages Act applicable criteria Goverment Guidlines to maintain employees wages disputes.
    MIDM Contract Labour Act
    Contract Labour Act applicable criteria under Goverment Guidline to maintain the relation between Management & Labour
    Scanning Network
    SHRM is about alinging & linking all HR Processes, procedure & initiates with the strategic objectives of the organization.
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    HR recruitment courses applied all organizational required recruitment processes, guidelines & selection criteria for candidates.
    HR Analytics courses consits of analysis of organizational data & create a analytical report which is useful to organization future strategy.
    MIDM Advanced Excel
    Advance Excel useful in every industry to analized huge data & generate the reports which is profitable during process & helps in strategy making.
    HTML CSS Designing Classes in Pune
    HR training on electronic challan cum return & criteria for E-Payroll & training on the basis of goverment guidelines.E-Payroll practicle training with case studies.
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    From Human Resource's Desk

    Over 40 Years of Demonstrated Experience In

    • Manufacturing Industry with specific focus on Human Resources Management Payroll
    • Welfare Activities Human Resources
    • MIS development
    • Legal
    • Wages Settlement
    • Industrial Relations.
    • Well Versed with ISO compliance
    • Employee Strength handled so far in all the above areas is 4500+

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