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C Language Is A Renowned Programming Language Due To Its Characters. Some Of Its Characteristics Are :

  • ‘C’ Is A Robust Language Whose Affluent Setup Of Built In Functions Can Be Utilized To Write Complex Programs.
  • C Programs Are Resourceful Due To Numerous Varieties Of Data Types & Influential Operators.
  • The C Compiler Combines The Potential Factors Of An Assembly Language Featured With A High Level Language. Thus, It Is Appropriate For Writing System Software & Business Package.
  • There Are 32 Keywords; A Number Of Standard Functions Are Available Which Can Be Used For Developing Program.
  • C Is A Portable Language; It Means That C Programs Written For One Computer System Can Be Run On Another, With Little Or No Amendment.
  • C Language Is Well-Matched For Structured Programming, Which Requires User To Suppose A Problems In Terms Of Function. A Collection Of These Modules Creates A Program Debugging & Testing Simpler.
  • C Language Has Its Own Capability To Expand Itself. A ‘C’ Program Is Mainly A Collection Of Functions, Supported By The C Library. There Is A Facility Of Continuously Adding Our Own Functions To The Library With The Availability Of The Large Number Of Functions.
    All Over The World, People Mostly Make Use Of C Programming Language As It Is Easy To Gain Knowledge Of & Understand.

C++ Language Programming Institute


  • C++ Is A Highly Convenient Language And Is Often The Language Of Selection For The Development Of Multi-Platform Application.
  • C++ Is An Object-Oriented Language Which Includes Terms Like Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism And Encapsulation Which Permit Code Reusability Making Programs Very Maintainable.
  • C++ Makes Use Of Multi-Paradigm Programming. The Paradigm Means The Programming Technique. Paradigm Concerned About Procedure Of The Program. C++ Follows Three Paradigm .It Is Valuable For The Low-Level Programming Language.
  • C++ Gives The User Control Over Management Of Memory. This Has Both Aspects- An Advantage And A Disadvantage.
  • The Wide Range Of Applications Are Allover The World Where C++ Is Used.
  • C++ Has A Huge Community.Community Size Is Significant As The Larger A Language Community, More Support You Would Be Likely To Get.
  • C++ Has A Very Huge Job Market As It Is Used In Various Industries.
  • The Greatest Strength Of C++ Is How Scalable It Could Be. C++ Is Usually More Performing Than The Dynamically Written Languages.
  • C++ Is Companionable With C And Virtually Every Valid C Program Is A Valid C++ Program.

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