Since the launch of the Android operating system, Multiple  Mobiles operated on Google’s  Android operating system. Google owns Android phones around the world. Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Music is already available on the Mobile. But now Google’s dominance over the operating system is likely to end soon. Because China’s four largest Smartphone companies – Huawei, Vivo, Oppo & Xiaomi are working together on the New operating system.

Google Monopoly Ending Soon

 These four companies have partnered for a new operating system, under which app developers can publish their apps on the respective App Store. This partnership has been named the Global Developers Service Alliance (GDSA).

 Last year, the US introduced its own operating system, Harmony- OS, due to US sanctions on Huawei. The company has also launched its own mapping app.

 Under GDSA, developers around the world can publish many apps on games, music, movies to the GDSA’s App Store. The purpose of this partnership is to end Google’s monopoly on the App Store.

The launching of the GDSA is said to be March 2020. However, it can also be delayed by the Corona- virus in China. The GDSA App Store will also be launched in Indonesia and Russia along with India.

Google will lose about 60% of its market share after the GDSA App Store arrives. According to an IDC report, the four companies account for 40.1% of the global market share. Apple dominates 20% of the market. So, if Oppo, Huawei, Vivo and Xiaomi discontinue use of the Google Play Store, then Google will suffer a great loss.

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