We are in the age, where the smart machines & technologies have shown up. There are a number of new machines and programming software or applications accessible from the users.

A chatbot is a computer program that reproduces human discussion (conversations) through voice directions, text chats or both. Chatbot, short for chatterbot, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique that can be inserted and utilized through any significant informing systems and applications.

Have you ever noticed it? Whenever you go to any website, Small popup windows will displays on your screen within seconds for collecting your information.

Users love chatbots because of their consistently on nature and moment reaction time. Past that, the experience should likewise be exact and superior to any other option. In the event that those conditions are met, it will be viewed as decent



You can use chatbots for multiple purposes, some of them are mention in the following:

•       For Collecting Information:

You can use it for a chatbot for gathering Information from users (leads). This information in the form of Name, Contact number, email Id or Any other details

•       Quick Response:

Chatbots can reproduce that experience on your site by sending a customized welcome message to each individual who arrives on your web page.

•       Scheduling Message Activity:

If you are not available to chat, you have the functionality of sending scheduling messages to the user & connect with them after some time.

•       Automatic message to FAQ’s

No matter what is the type of your business, there’s a lot of inquiries you get constantly. Rather than wasting the time and manpower to respond to those inquiries each time they’re posed, let your chatbot accomplish this work automatically.

In short, there are lots of benefits of Chatbots

1.      Available 24*7

2.      Saves time & Manpower

3.      Quick Response

4.      Cost-effective solution

5.      Collecting data easily

6.      Analyze data with Validations

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