Mark Zuckerberg’s found the spreading of misinformation about the Corona Virus on Facebook& other social media also.

The virus was first detected within the Chinese city – Wuhan, with the latest estimates claiming that lots of people died as a result of the illness. Now 6,000 people are infected by the pneumonia-like illness, consistent with China’s National Health Commission.

Facebook team has claimed, they will remove false ads, medical theories, and rumors about the coronavirus which is affected by public health& emergency departments.

Now some well-known social media companies including Facebook, Amazon, and Apple struggling to stem the tide of misinformation. The Facebook team starts to get rid of content with false claims or conspiracy theories that are flagged by leading global health organizations and native health authorities that would cause harm to people.


Now Facebook works on some other techniques to prevent such a type of wrong information. Education pop-ups with “credible” information also will be prompted when a user searches for information on the virus on Facebook or Instagram.

The company team said that not all of the new features were fully placed yet which it might take time to roll them out across its platforms.

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