What Is Podcasting?

Today Everybody Knows How To Make YouTube Videos Because Everybody likes Watching Videos Or Taking Any Information In The Form Of Videos Rather Than Textual Format. But Guys You Know There Is Another Format From Where You Can Share Your Information In Audio Form, Yes In Audio Form i.e. Is Podcasting.

Podcasting Is Nothing But Giving Information In Audio Format. Podcast Means Combining Of Your Information With Digital Audio That Creates Content In The Form Of Audio. Podcasting Was Developed By Former MTV Video Jockey Adam Curry & Software Developer Dave Winner.


2 How Podcasting Works?

It Is Very Simple To Use Podcasting Once You Got Ideas About The Process.

Following Easy Steps You Should Follow For Podcasting

Step 1: Plug A MicrophoneIn Your PC, I-pod, Smart phone, I-Phone.

Step 2: If You Are Plugging Microphone In Your PC, First You Should Install Audio Recorder, With The Help Of This Software You Can Talk, Sing, Or Share Information.

Step 3: If You Are Plugging Microphone In Your Mobile, Make Sure That Your Mobile Should Have Audio Recording Facility Or Else You Have To Install Audio Recorder AppsFrom Your Apps Store, Or Else You Cannot Record Your Audio Files.

Step 4:RecordYour Audio From Your Device & Save It In Your PC

Step 5: Upload Your Audio File To One Of The Podcasting Sites.

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