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Social Engineering


Social engineering, refers to psychological treatment of people into performing dealings or revealing classified information. It differs from social engineering contained by the social sciences, which does not concern the revealing of confidential information. It is also defined as any action that influences a person to take an action that may or may not be in their best welfare.

Social engineering is an attack vector that relies on human interaction and involves manipulating people into breaching normal security measures also includes the best practices in accordance of gaining access to systems or networks for financial gain. To cover up their true identities, Threat actors use social engineering tactics, motiving to present themselves as a trusted information source. Many social engineering exploits simply rely on people’s compliance to be supportive. Social engineering is a trendy tactic because it is easier to make the most of users’ weaknesses.

Types of social engineering attacks

well-known types of social engineering attacks include:
Baiting, Phishing, vishing, pretexting, scareware , Water-holing, Diversion theft, Quid pro quo, Honey trap & rogue.

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