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MIDM Offers excellent solution for Zoom Users

Such Blogs gives you 7 Steps For Using Zoom.Us Application Securely.


Zoom is a Video conferencing app or website which is the best of choice during the COVID-19 (CORONA) Lockdown. Zoom is the most used Application for the Work From Home Employees used for online meetings, Online Courses, Webinar with screen sharing & multiple other functionalities

But From Few Days we are come to know that Zoom is not secure For Online usability.

As we know, Google disallowed its employees to use Zoom for meeting purpose, also Germany, Singapore & many other Countries banned to use of Zoom App because of multiple security flaws and privacy slip-ups.

“But As A Online Consultant MIDM Suggests that you can secure your Zoom meeting by using some following key points to solve your Online Meeting problem during COVID-19 Lockdown”

Here is some key point to secure your Zoom Meeting:-

1) Limit the Entries:-

a) Most important point is that don’t share Zoom details on public forums so that you can restrict the limits of authorizes entries

b) Remind participants to not share meeting details

2) Set Strong Password When Scheduling Meeting:-

a) set password enables setting on when scheduling a meeting and share your password securely.

b) You can add Zoom passwords at:-

  1. Single meeting
  2. User Group

c) Account-level for all meetings and webinars.

3) Waiting Room for all participant

This ensures that no one uninvited entries cat get in the meeting


4) Manage Participant

a) Host can manage all participants activities, that is host can control the camera and mute options


b) Host can ensure that participant cannot share their screen without approval


5) Disables the Join before  Host

It can be help host to that no one participant can join the meeting before the Host Arrives

6) Disables File transfer Option

You can disable file sharing option in setting


7) Keep updated your zoom application

Just relax and start your Meetings, Webinars, Online Courses with this securities….


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