Social Security legislation. Employees Provident Fund is one of them. HR Training required a perfect syllabus for correct and point training. HR Executive should know that What Types of PF are there.

  1. EPF
  2. VPF
  3. PPF
  4. Trusty PF.
    Organization: Exempted and Un-Exempted.

In addition to this Pension Concept.
EDLI and Administrative Charges. Membership to Settlement. How PF is not only a Retirement Benefit. In between during the service period employee can withdraw a certain amount for certain reasons after a certain period of time.

Form No. 31 is for this purpose. It is a nonrefundable advance against employee’s accumulated PF Balance.
In HR Training PF related perfect knowledge means Conceptual and Practical knowledge related to following terminologies.
PF Wages: Actual wages: Ceiling Wages
Bifurcation of ER. Cont.

Form Nos. 11/2/31/19 and 10C Important.
ECR: Online payments. : System Generated UAN and how to Activate that.
PF E-Passbook: Umang App.
Old PF System (Manual)
New PF Online system.
Alive claim and Death claim. Settlement.
Pension concept.
Pensionable Service period
EDLI Settlement when and How
So many concepts required to get understand online and offline.
This is one of the part of HR which is reflecting in the Payroll System.
Knowledgeable, Experienced Mentor freshers are badly in need. Don’t depend upon only the HR MBA syllabus. Else you are handicapped HR Executive.
This is the main reason for not able to crack the interview.
Think twice and observed the best mentor.

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