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Enumeration Is The First Phase of Ethical Hacking i.e. Information Congregation. This Is A Process Where The Attacker Establishes An Energetic Connection With The Victim & Make An Effort To Discover Attack Vectors As Much As Possible, Which Can Be Used To Exploit The Systems. It Is The Process Of Extracting User Names, Machine Names, And Network Resources From A System. The Invader Creates A Connection To The System To Obtain Additional Information About The Objective. The Assembled Information Is Used To Recognize The Vulnerabilities In System’s Safety Measures.

Types Of Information Enumerated By Intruders: Network Resource And Shares, Users And Groups, Applications And Banners & SNMP And DNS Details ,Routing Tables, Auditing And Service Settings, Machine Names Etc.Techniques For Enumeration Are As: Extracting User Names Using Email ID, Extract Information Using The Default Password ,Brute Force Active Directory, Extract User Names Using SNMP, Extract User Groups From Windows & Extract Information Using DNS Zone Transfer. Enumeration Can Be Used To Achieve Information On−Network shares, SNMP Data, If They Are Not Protected Appropriately, IP Tables, Usernames Of Different Systems, Passwords Policies Lists. Enumerations Depends On The Services That The Systems Put Forward. Those Can Be Like-DNS enumeration, NTP enumeration, SNMP enumeration, Linux/Windows enumeration & SMB enumeration.

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