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Introduction To Ethical Hacking


One Of The Fastest Growing Areas In Network Security, And Certainly An Area That Generates Much Discussion Is None Other Than Ethical Hacking. The World has been Brought Together The Communication Techniques; But Have Also Brought Into Worry For The System Owners. The Main Reason Behind This Insecurity Is Hacking. So, The Necessity Of Protecting The Systems From The Hacking, Is To Promote The Persons Who Will Punch Back The Illicit Attacks On The Computer Systems. It Is Possible Only on The basis Of Ethical Hacking. The Main purpose Of Ethical Hacking Is To Hack System Like Black-hat Hackers And Secure Them Like Security Experts.

The Internet Is An Information Superhighway, Touching Almost Every Aspect Of Our Life. The Explosive Growth Of The Internet Has Brought Many Excellent Things: E-commerce, Collaborative Computing, E-mail, And New Avenues For Information Distribution. With These Marvelous Technological Advances, There Is Also a Dark Side: Criminal Hackers. Governments, Companies, And Citizens Around The World Are Anxious To Be A Part Of This Revolution. They Are Afraid of Some Hacker, Who will Break Into Their Web Server Implanting A Software That Will Secretly Transmit Their Secrets To The Open Internet. With These Concerns, The Ethical Hacker is Helpful.

‘Ethical Hacking’ And ‘Ethical Hacker’ Are The Terms Used To Evaluate Hacking Performed By A Company To Help In Identifying Potential Threats. Ethical Hacker Tries To overcome the System Security And keep on Searching For The Points which Could Be Exploited By Hackers. This Information Is Used For the Improvement of The System Security, To Eliminate Potential Attacks.

Ethical Hackers Are Becoming An integral Part Of A Network Security. White Hats – To Distinguish Them From Their Black Hats Counterparts – Are Increasingly Fulfilling Their Role. When Threats Change, The Skill tactics Of Ethical Hackers Too Change , Encompassing Social Networking And Consumer Mobile Technologies. Essential Attributes For All Ethical Hackers Are Patience, Lateral Thinking And An Ability To Keep Eyes On Rapidly Changing Network Threats. The Work That Ethical Hackers Do For Organizations Has Helped To Improve System safeguards And Can Be Said To Be Quite Effectual.

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