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Foot Printing & Reconnaissance



Ethical Hacking Consists Of Gathering Information And To Know The Systems To Be Targeted. Reconnaissance Is A Set Of Various Processes And Techniques Consisting Of Foot Printing, Scanning & Enumeration Which Are Used For Discovering And Collecting Information About A Target System.

During Reconnaissance, An Ethical Hacker Gives His Best To Collect Information About A Target System As Much As Possible, Including The Steps As Gathering Initial Information, Determining The Network Range, Identifying Active Machines, Discovering Open Ports And Access Points ,Fingerprinting Of An Operating System, Uncovering The Services On Ports & Mapping The Network.

Reconnaissance Is Of Two Types − Active Reconnaissance And Passive Reconnaissance.

Active Reconnaissance:

In Active Reconnaissance, A Direct Interaction With The Computer System Takes Place To Obtain Information. We Can Be Assured Of Its Relevance And Accuracy. But There Is An Exposure Of Detection As Its Illegal Use. Once You Are Detected, Then System Admin Can Be Rigorous Against You and Track Your Subsequent Activities.

Passive Reconnaissance:

In Passive Reconnaissance, A Direct Connection With A Computer System Doesn’t Takes Place. This Process Is Used To Assemble Indispensable Information Without Interacting with the Intended Systems.


Foot Printing Is A Subset Of Reconnaissance Process Which Is Used For Congregating Achievable Information About A Target Computer System Or Set Of Connections. It Could Be Both: Passive And Active. Reviewing A Company’s Website Is A Case In Point Of Passive Foot Printing, While Attempting To Achieve An Access To Susceptible Information Through Social Engineering Is An Illustration Of An Active Foot Printing. Foot Printing Is Basically The Foremost Step Where Hacker Gathers As Much Information As Possible To Uncover The Ways To Encroach Into A Targeted System Or To Decide What Type Of Attacks Will Be More Appropriate For The Target.

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