ESI: Employees State Insurance Act 1948 is a part of Statutory Contribution:  All contributions are Deductions but All Deductions are not Contributions: HR Department points of view which are contributions and which are the deductions? This is a knowledgeable question. Contribution means today or tomorrow you are getting back either monetary benefit or services.

For example : ESI: PF: LWF these are Contributions and P.Tax: TDS These are Deductions, you will never get back.

Employees State Insurance Act 1948  that is ESI and What is ESIC.  Scope Coverage and Limitations of Benefits.


Ø Medical

Ø Dependents

Ø Sickness

Ø Disable

Ø Maternity

Ø Funeral

Ø Accident Report

Ø Accident Register

Ø ESI Pension

Ø Temporary Disable

Ø Partially Temporary Disability

Ø Permanent Disability

Ø Accident Benefits.

Ø ECR:  RC : Concepts

Ø Form I → 

Ø Form I-A →

Ø Form I-B → 

Ø RDF → Return of the declaration form

ESI Doctor: ESI Medical Shop: ESI Hospital: ESI Local Office: ESI Head Office

Contribution Period and Benefit Period

Coverage Point: Fixed Monthly components.  Why April and October Month is Important in ESI

All these Required through knowledge, it is required good Mentor and Good Syllabus.

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