File System Attack


people who make these tools are generally penetration testers working to keep the bad guys out by outsmarting them. These tools must get used by the bad guys for certain, but the optimism of their creators is that by the time the bad guys are using their tools, it’s too late because the tools have already done their job.

The job is to interpret where things aren’t safe and sound enough. So people can get themselves into a improved security attitude to make sure the bad guy showing up with the same tool won’t locate a chance.

Unless you’re one very blessed bad guy, the person who clicks on the phishing email is hardly ever powerful enough on their own to find the middle ground all the data from an organization you’re trying to exfiltrate.So we’re going to acquire to the good data in three parts:

1. We’ll carry out our reconnaissance to find out where data lives. It involves identification of where it’s likely we can find any data that may be interesting.

2. we will have the data worth by scanning for susceptible information. they will try to come across just the right data and move as they can for the biggest possible reward, Unless an attacker feels they can get away with huge data movement.

3. Finally, we’ll look at how an attacker can bring into play some of the odd features of the file system to make themselves importunate or hide things from view to ensure they aren’t easy to get rid of.

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