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Cryptography is nothing new concept. It has been used by the people and cultures throughout the time to save the data from harm at rest or in transit. cryptographic process can provide facilities such as authenticity, privacy, non-repudiation and integrity. Cryptography is the work time to study as you are interested in how such systems can be used to secure data or if cryptanalysis interests or as you would like to learn more on how to crack various cryptographic systems.

Cryptographic Attacks:

Attacks on cryptographic systems are nothing new. Any encryption algorithm can ultimately be broken by an comprehensive brute force attack. A meticulous search attack utilizes computer programs to seek out for all possible combinations. It implies that every existing key in a sequence is tried. The trouble with this practice is that for large key sizes this can necessitate enormous amount of computing power as length of the key increase. DES is susceptible to this type of attack whereas Triple-DES encryption is very defiant to an exhaustive search attack.

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