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Sniffing Is The Course Of Action Of Monitoring And Capturing All The Packets Passing In The Course Of A Given Network Using Sniffing Tools. It Is Also Known As Wiretapping Applied To The Computer Networks. There Is A Possibility Of Sniffing The Whole Traffic If One Of The Enterprise Switch Ports Remains Open. Those Who Will Be In The Same Location, Can Publicize Into The Network And Sniff The Total Traffic. Sniffing Permits You To Notice All Sorts Of Traffic, Both Secured And Nonsecured. An Attacker May Be Able To Congregate Information In The Right Conditions For Further Attacks. The Sniffable Information Is In The Form Of −Email Traffic, FTP Passwords, Web Traffics, Telnet Passwords. A Sniffer Usually Turns The System’s NIC To The Promiscuous Mode So That It Listens To All The Transmitted Data.

Promiscuous Mode Refers To The Distinctive Way Of Ethernet Hardware, Particularly NICs, That Allows To Receive All Traffic On The Network, Even If It’s Not Addressed. NIC Ignores All Traffic Which Is Not Addressed To It, Comparing The Destination Address With The Hardware Address Of The Device. Non-Promiscuous Mode Makes It Complex For Using Network. A Sniffer Can Incessantly scrutinize All The Traffic To A Computer Through The NIC By Decoding The Information.

Sniffing Can Be Either Active Or Passive In Character :

Active Sniffing:
In Active Sniffing, The Traffic Is Not Only Locked, But Also Be Altered In Some Way As firmed By The Attack. Active Sniffing Is Used To Sniff A Switch-Based Network. It Includes Injecting ARPs Into A Target Network To Overflow On The Switch CAM Table. CAM Keeps Track Of Host Connections.

Passive Sniffing
In Passive Sniffing, The Traffic Is Locked Without Altering It In Any Way. It Allows Listening Only. It’s Based On A Mechanism Utilizing Hub Devices. On A Hub Device, The Traffic Is Generated On All The Ports. In A Network That Using Hubs, All Hosts Can Witness The Traffic. So, An Attacker Can Effortlessly Capture The Traffic. Nowadays Passive Sniffing Is Not Effectual.

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