To flight against spread of Corona Virus we all are stared Work from Home (WFH) during lockdown of COVID-19.

We need to remember some basic etiquette to help out from WFH

MIDM are giving you tips to avoid such a mistakes that you should not making during working from home.

1)  Use of your personal Social Media Account on same browser while working

If you are using same browser for official and personal work then its high chances of the displaying advertisement (adds) on browser tab which is totally irrelevant of office work and relevant to personal work depending upon your search history result

Google chrome support does not exchange browser history, cache and other data to multiple users and user.

2) Communication Gap / Daily Reporting

As you are habitual of daily check in and check out to office premises, you have to daily check-in / check-out as per schedule office timing on your system by using mail, Skype, online attendance portal (HRMS) or any other way which is given by office management.

3) Mixing up of Personal Data and Official Data on your system

MIDM highly advised you to well organize your personal and official data in separated drives in separated folders.

If you are not good enough to organize your data into separated format then it is chances of misplaced of your office important data which is lack in to productivity of company.

Another big problem is that your Company’s IT Department has authority to look into your system so that if you are not well organize your data there will be high chances that company’s IT department look into your personal data.

4) Leaving Your Laptop / Desktop Unlock , Screen-On Mode

Its only 1 minute’s task to lock your Laptop screen.

If your thing that you need only 2 minutes to come back and within these 2 minutes your child can spoil, permanently delete your important work this is because of only you forgot to lock your screen.

 Tips to lock your system with keyboard shortcut

  For Windows 

Press Windows key along with press L on keyboard  (Windows + L)


   For Mac

Press Command + Control + Q


5) Sharing your Laptop with your Spouse / Family Member / Child

If you and your Spouse are working in different companies then sharing your laptop is very unprofessional way, which is result in you is sharing your company data with others.

In Pandemic everyone is staying safe at home and busy with doing online work, online courses, online meeting, so anyone in your family need your laptop but we recommend you not share your laptop with them

6) Sharing of details work from home on Social Media

In this CORONA lockdown we all are tremendously increasing use of Social Media.

We suggest you not to share jokes or details of work on chatting, commenting on social media post.

7) Sharing of your Workstation photo on Social Media

This may be against of Company Policies that your are sharing photos of Workstation on Social Media this may cause very serious problem to employees

8) Sharing your Office Data on personal Mail ID or On Drive

It may be accidentally leak of office data from personal Mail-ID / Drive.

9) Avoid Social media or Whats-app during office timing

You can use your social media or whats-app during your break time, because use of this may distract you from your work

 10) Use of your Laptop / Desktop built in Speaker during Meeting

You can use headphone during online Meeting so that you can avoid background noise, also put your mike on Mute mode when your need not to be speak in meetings

 11) Dress Well

Last but very important is you have to dressing well because no one is watching use discipline and this will help you perform even though you’re working from home but as studies have shown that it increases productivity.



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